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BHAG Slides

Over the course of the CCIM4C Initiative, we have come to realize that the BHAG (Big Harry Audacious Goal) your communities have been working to identify is in itself a wicked problem. Therefore, just as you have framed your community’s response to the opioid epidemic as 6 strategic plan components, you must also identify the components that are essential for addressing your BHAG. Your final CCIM4C BHAG Slide will serve as a roadmap for how you are going to frame your community’s response to your BHAG.


Developing your community’s BHAG Slide is a final deliverable for the CCIM4C Initiative. Below is a how-to video and the accompanying slides to support your community as you finalize your community’s BHAG Slide.

Click on the image below to view the "Finalizing Your CCIM4C BHAG Slide" video:

Finalizing your CCUM4C BHAG Slide

Finalizing Your BHAG Slide Video Slides


To support communities in developing their BHAG Slides, the Leadership Team provided each community with a BHAG Slide template

Click here for the BHAG Slide template:

BHAG Slide 


To review the October Learning Community discussion on your draft BHAG Slides, see the recording and accompanying slides below:

Change Initiative

CCIM4C October 2018 Webinar Slides