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Ecosystem and Value Statement

Collective Impact involves bringing people together from multiple sectors with differing expertise to collaborate and develop solutions for wicked problems, such as the opioid crisis.  When approaching existing and potential partners, it is important to have a public value statement that “makes the case” for using the CCIM4C to address the opioid epidemic in your community.  Additionally, when bringing together so many people from differing backgrounds, it is vital to have an ecosystem – some kind of structure – to ensure the work is getting done and everyone is able to contribute their time and talents where they are most needed.


Developing your community’s Ecosystem with Value Statement is a final deliverable for the CCIM4C Initiative.  You have been working hard over the past several months on developing an ecosystem that meets your community’s needs.  Over the course of the project, you have also developed a value statement for the CCIM4C Initiative in your community with input from stakeholders.  Now, it is time to finalize both of these pieces as one document.

Review the draft ecosystem that you prepared for the December Webinar. Make any necessary changes to the ecosystem in order to finalize your community’s ecosystem.  Once your ecosystem is finalized, add your finalized value statement to your ecosystem (at the top of the page).  When finalizing your document, it may be helpful to consult the following resources:

  • For an example template of an ecosystem with value statement, please see “Templates” below.
  • For the December Webinar discussion on your draft ecosystems, please see “Resources” below.
  • For the video on “Creating a CCIM4C Ecosystem,” please click on the “Additional Ecosystem Resources” button at the bottom of this page.


To support communities in developing their Ecosystem with Value Statement, the Leadership Team provided each community with a sample Ecosystem template with space at the top of the page to add a value statement.  This template was provided only as an example.  Your final Ecosystem with Value Statement should reflect your community’s unique structure and does not need to look exactly like this one.

Click below for the Ecosystem Template:

Ecosystem Template (PP Version)

Ecosystem Template (PDF Version)


To review the December Learning Community discussion on your draft ecosystems, see the recording and accompanying slides below:

Click on the image below to view the "CCIM4C December 2018 Webinar"

CCIM4C December 2018 Webinar Slides

Additional Resources