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Strategic Plan Maps and Strategy Proposal Forms

The CCIM4C initiative uses Strategic Planning to ensure that strategies are based on a data-driven process developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for preventing substance misuse and abuse. The process includes steps in assessment, capacity, planning, implementation, and evaluation, guided by the principles of sustainability and cultural competency. Based on this data-driven planning process, the CCIM4C initiative also then provides a Strategy Proposal form that builds on the specific Strategic Plan for a strategy that will then be implemented.


CCIM4C has directed that each community complete five opioid-related Strategic Plan Maps, three related to prevention, one for treatment and one for recovery. Additionally, we added a BHAG strategic plan for the CCIM4C Initiative. After completing the Strategic Plan Maps, each community has been tasked with completing a Strategy Proposal Form for each of the five plan maps. Below is a video describing how to finalize your community’s Strategic Plan Maps and Strategy Proposal Form.

Click on the image below to view the "CCIM4C Data-Driven Strategic Planning Process" video:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the minimum number of Strategic Plan Maps that our coalition/group has to submit?
    At a minimum, your coalition/group must submit one strategic plan map (SPM) for each of the plan areas. This means that each coalition/group will submit a total of 5 SPMs.
  2. What is the minimum number of Strategy Proposal Forms that our coalition/group has to submit?
    For each SPM to be complete, your coalition/group must select one strategy. As such, each coalition/group must submit one strategy form for each SPM. This means that each coalition/group will submit a total of 5 strategy forms (one for each plan area).
  3. What if our coalition/group has selected two strategies for one of our plan areas?
    No problem! The SPM template accommodates up to two strategies. Just remember, if your coalition/group identifies 2 strategies in a SPM, you must submit 2 strategy forms with that SPM (one for each strategy).
  4. What if our coalition/group has selected more than two strategies for one of our plan areas?
    Again, this is not a problem! If your coalition/group identifies more than 2 strategies for a SPM, it must submit 2 SPMs and a strategy form for each strategy.  This is because each SPM only includes space for 2 root causes (and 2 strategies). Therefore, your coalition/group will need to submit a second SPM if it chooses 3 or 4 strategies. 
  5. Does our coalition/group have to submit a Strategic Plan Map and Strategy Proposal form for our BHAG?
    If your coalition/group did not receive implementation funding from OhioMHAS for the BHAG, your coalition/group is not required to submit a BHAG SPM or a strategy form for the BHAG. If your coalition/group received implementation funding for its BHAG plan and strategy, the coalition/group must submit the associated BHAG SPM and strategy form.  If your coalition/group identified two strategies for implementation on the BHAG plan, it must turn in two strategy forms (one for each strategy).


To support communities in developing their Strategic Plan Maps and Strategy Proposals, the Leadership Team provided each community with templates for both (see below).

Strategic Plan Map Template - Prevention, Treatment or Recovery

Strategic Plan Map Template - BHAG

Strategy Proposal Form Template


To review the materials discussing the Strategic Planning Process and Strategy Proposals, see the recording and accompanying slides on the Strategic Planning page.